Support for Nonviolent Communication

The Nonviolent Communication (NVC) approach to working with conflict has become part of the lifeblood of how I function in the world and what motivates me. It teaches people to look for the relatable human needs in each other and to speak in ways that help us open our hearts to one another.

I’ve received over 200 course hours in NVC and provided NVC trainings in educational, workplace, religious, and community environments over six-and-a-half years. As a master-level social worker with an emphasis on conflict and community, I care about the intersection of nonviolence with loss, anger, grief, protest, and justice. My approach to NVC includes goals of community, personal, and political healing and growth.

I offer one-on-one NVC services by telephone and videochat, and I arrange fees on a sliding scale. I will also arrange group trainings if requested. I provide:

  • empathy listening sessions
  • Nonviolent Communication training
  • Nonviolent Communication coaching
  • other conflict support for individuals or communities.

If you are interested, please email me.

Here is a link to an interview about NVC I completed in December 2019.

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