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Let the Circle Be Unbroken

I grew up in an environment exposed to conflict, and my family members’ involvements with charitable nonprofits around the world made me interested early on in what makes some environments peaceful, others clouded by separation, anger, and fear. This inspired me to learn ways to care for and support people undergoing conflicts in ways that make the possibility of hopeful peace and change more likely.

I’ve since pursued a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s Certificate in International Peace & Conflict Resolution, seven years of training in Nonviolent Communication, and a Master of Social Work in Community, Management, & Policy Practice. I’ve partnered with veterans and refugees impacted by conflict across the world. The absolute harmony I wished for as a child still rings as a sweet and desirable dream, and now I understand specific frameworks we can use to make conflict more enjoyable and useful, something from which we grow and become more able to live side-by-side in ease and care.

The conflict-related services I offer – which I’ve used to help community gardens, religious organizations, refugee groups, workplaces, families, and young people convicted of crimes – include:

  • facilitation for community/group meetings, planning, & dialogues
  • instruction in Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – a dialogue approach focused on personal meaning and fostering mutual care; I especially work on its uses in situations of injustice
  • restorative processes such as accountability processes & restorative community dialogues
  • mediation, conflict exploration/analysis, & negotiation assistance
  • research design and research management on conflict-related topics
  • one-on-one empathetic listening support – assisting one party in a conflict, or one person experiencing inner conflict, in clarifying their desires & intent.

For a little more information, here is an interview I completed in 2019 about the Compassionate/Nonviolent Communication conflict approach, at the heart of the conflict services I provide.

Reach out if you are interested in setting up some kind of support:

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