Sharing Song CSA Music with a Friend

I am fine with you sharing my music with other people. I want it to spread! Meanwhile, I want to handle responsibly licensing on cover songs (when I record songs written by other people) so those songwriters get paid for their work.

So, my request: If you notice you are sending many of my Song CSA songs to one particular person in your life, please consider signing them up for a Song CSA share, too. You can sign them up as a gift or ask them to sign up, here. (If you sign them up as a gift, put your information on the form’s first page and theirs on the second.) This helps me keep track of how many songs are going out to the world. With a pay-what-you-can model, acceptance of trades, and a free option, I hope there’s no barrier to joining. Thank you for helping me handle cover songs responsibly!


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