Sharing Song CSA Music with a Friend

Do you notice you are sharing music from your Song CSA a lot with one particular friend? I am fine with you sharing my music with other people. I want it to spread! At the same time, I feel responsibility to handle accurately the licensing on cover songs (when I record songs written by other people and then send them out), so those songwriters get paid for their work. It helps if I keep good records.

So, I request: If you are sending many songs to one particular person in your life, please sign them up for a Song CSA share of their own as a gift or ask them to sign up here. Having people signed up keeps track of how many songs are going out to the world. With a pay-what-you-can model and with acceptance of goods and services, I hope the barrier to entry on this Song CSA program is pretty low. Thank you for helping me handle my cover songs responsibly!

Here is the link to sign up for the CSA. If you are signing someone else up as a gift, you can put your information on the first page of the form and their information on the second. Thank you!

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