Welcome! I use music, community connection, and dialogue to bring people together. I host unique gathering experiences and encourage everyone to draw out and build upon their creative abilities. I believe exercising creativity together will help solve the world’s biggest problems. My work looks like:

  • Unusual & Collaborative Concerts – I facilitate and perform at:
    • house concerts (outdoor concerts during the pandemic)
    • concerts in unexpected places
    • concerts collaborating with organizations, and
    • concerts focused on specific issues.
  • Song CSA – I offer an online song care package program exploring monthly themes (like change, protest, rest, and joyful interconnectedness), freshly recorded in experimental ways, always aimed to invigorate and inspire.
  • Support for Peace (Conflict Care) – I can connect you, or a group or community with which you are engaged, with new ways to grow strong in healing, communication and mutual understanding.

Please learn more by looking through the links on this site; engaging with me on Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Youtube; or writing me at clairebatesmusic@gmail.com.

Let’s sing more soon!


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  1. I heard you sing in Empire, Michigan at a farm market and loved your music. I hope you have had an opportunity to fine Kate Wolf singing “Cornflower Blue.” That song is you. Clark


    1. Hello, Clark!
      That is a sweet, tender song. Thank you for sharing it.
      I hope you are doing well! I remember meeting you and enjoyed our interaction including “songs about flowers.” Thank you for these kind words. Feel free to keep in touch. If you like, please remind me where you call home when you are not in Empire (or maybe it is Empire), and I will reach out to you when I come to your part of the world to play again.
      With care,


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