Music brings us together over the most difficult topics. My music works to build and strengthen connections through participatory concerts, community projects, and songs that bring alive another person’s world.

I want my music to nourish and bring joy to those who listen, providing the hope needed to envision and work toward a better world.

I stand for transformation of economic, racial, and global interactions; for inclusive environmental action, community health, and creative freedom; and for welcome and love for each body and soul.

Please use the headers above to listen, learn more, write and connect (including to help me learn and grow), and sing along!


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  1. I heard you sing in Empire, Michigan at a farm market and loved your music. I hope you have had an opportunity to fine Kate Wolf singing “Cornflower Blue.” That song is you. Clark


    1. Hello, Clark!
      That is a sweet, tender song. Thank you for sharing it.
      I hope you are doing well! I remember meeting you and enjoyed our interaction including “songs about flowers.” Thank you for these kind words. Feel free to keep in touch. If you like, please remind me where you call home when you are not in Empire (or maybe it is Empire), and I will reach out to you when I come to your part of the world to play again.
      With care,


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