Song CSA


In Northern California (2018), Northern Michigan (2019), and West Virginia (2021), I sourced food through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares. Here’s how it goes: I invest in a local, family-owned farm. They deliver fresh boxes of what they’ve grown to a pick-up point near me. CSA participation delights and invigorates me. I eat well, connect with rhythms of land near me, and raise a healthy, defiant fist against gargantuan ag!

Developing a Song CSA

I want song to generate liveliness in those around me like the food from local farmers nourishes me. I make music to provide mental shifts, inspiration, and courage to continue going and giving in the world. Through my Song CSA program, a group of people who support my music consistently receive a musical harvest.

What to Expect

Songs centered on a monthly theme sent to your inbox. Recorded at home and in novel settings, sometimes with collaborators. A little imperfection like the dirt on your kale, always fresh, and ready to be impacted by listeners’ thoughts and inspirations.

Sign Up

Consider which plan fits your needs (full share = a handful of songs each month, half share = a handful of songs every other month, trial month = a handful of songs for a single month). Then fill out my CSA Sign-Up Form. Consider donating to support my work. I am glad you are part of my musical community! Please write me with questions at

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