Goodbye to Fear

Will it be cancer from the poisons on our vegetables and fruits? / Or some sickness seeping upward from the ground that I pollute? / Will my lungs collapse first from some unknown breath of mold? / Or will I just be lying in my bed because I’m old?

Will informants track me down and shoot me in the back? / Or will I be the object of an alien attack? / However it is that I die, there’s just one thing I know: / That I don’t want to die yet, it is not my time to go!

That’s why I fear, that’s why I fear / That’s why I worry, and I hurry, and my mind is never clear / That’s why I fear, that’s why I fear / That’s why I won’t let love or nature near

Some call it Sansara, this endless circle game / It’s why I point my toes and iron my clothes and figure out who to blame / Convinced that we are separate, though we know no reason why / that there’s such thing as good and bad and that it’s bad to die

That’s why I fear . . . .

Would I be doing cartwheels in the snow most all the time? / Would I be climbing mountains that are much too high to climb? / Would I be sitting doing nothing in my underwear? / Oh, what would I be doing if that fear just wasn’t there?

Goodbye to fear, goodbye to fear / Goodbye to worry, and to hurry, and a mind that’s never clear / Goodbye to fear, goodbye to fear / Hello let love, hello let love / Hello let love, let love and nature near

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