Will Work for Peace: I Interviewed on Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)’s persistence—in trusting people’s desire and creativity in meeting their own human needs and illuminating the potential for compassionate collaboration—roots my musical efforts. This week I was interviewed about NVC on my friend’s Quaker radio station. I welcome you to listen to the episode, comment on it, and share it with others. https://northernspiritradio.org/episode/primer-nonviolent-communication. […]

I Took Amtrak

Between Michigan and North Carolina: 25 hours down and 36 back. During an 11-hour layover in Greensboro, NC, I recorded the below song. First, let me explain the context: Train travel is more carbon-efficient than plane or automobile travel, which I’ve known for awhile. (Here are online writings – 1, 2 – capturing trains’ superiority […]

The Kurdish Crisis

Dear friends, I’m very sad about the recently unfolding Kurdish situation. I’ve heard reports of families with children being killed. I’ve heard reports about thousands of people identified with ISIS who’ve been detained by Kurdish people, whose oversight may be uncertain. I’ve heard many concerning likelihoods. My friend, Travis Moe, explains a critical heartbreaking element […]

Announcing Song CSA Memberships!

Please consider ordering one! Modeled off veggie shares, this program allows me to share consistent doses of song with people in my world, at prices or trade set-ups that work for you! Membership information here. Claire

Living on Mackinac Island: Loving Life

My July 17 post listed challenges to societal well-being in a description of Mackinac Island (consumerism, militarism, unjust immigration policy, racism, and rural poverty). You could get the impression I was against them. I still am . . . . Partway through this summer I became convinced loving life is as important as is protesting […]