The Water Tour

Dates: November 2019 – TBD

Places: Specific events listed here. Roughly: Michigan & Indiana in late 2019, North Carolina & Florida in early 2020, a brief trip back to Northern Michigan in late March, and hopefully out west after that, including to California. Shows to include house concerts, small venue gigs, song circles, and open mics. If you are interested in hosting a show, please write me.

Why Water:

As water takes the shape of a container, I have been striving to allow this trip’s plans to unfold to fill the space.

I love these quotes about water from a spiritual book called the Tao Te Ching:

“Nothing in this world / is as soft and yielding as water / Yet for attacking the hard and strong / none can triumph so easily / It is weak, yet none can equal it / It is soft, yet none can damage it / It is yielding, yet none can wear it away / . . . the soft overcomes the hard / and the yielding triumphs over the rigid” (Lao Tzu, trans. Jonathon Star, 2003, v. 78, p. 91)

“The most yielding thing in the world / will overcome the most rigid” (Ibid, v. 43, p. 56)

“The best way to live / is to be like water / For water benefits all things / and goes against none of them / It provides for all people / and even cleanses those places a man is loath to go / In this way it is just like Tao” (Ibid, v. 8, p. 21)


Published by clairebatesmusic

Conscious analysis and loving transparency illuminate tender, gutsy, bluesy folk when Claire plays and sings. Claire Bates gives from her heart songs for hard times.

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