I Took Amtrak

Between Michigan and North Carolina: 25 hours down and 36 back. During an 11-hour layover in Greensboro, NC, I recorded the below song.

First, let me explain the context:

  • Train travel is more carbon-efficient than plane or automobile travel, which I’ve known for awhile. (Here are online writings – 1, 2 – capturing trains’ superiority for delivering freight.)
  • After a year of considering this, I finally got my life to a point where I could spare time to travel by train.

A little about the experience:

  • Pros: Nearly everyone was extremely kind and friendly. I felt like I was traveling not among strangers; I made new friends. The scenery was beautiful. The bathrooms were clean. My conscience felt clean in line with my own ethics. I found the rhythm of the rails soothing, which almost everybody says.
  • Cons: The train ride back took 36 hours. A few days later, I was still tired from that. The wifi was intermittently available.

During my 11-hour layover in Greensboro, NC – at 4:00 in the morning, in fact – I recorded this song to express the need for increasingly sustainable, high-quality means of transportation, and other aspects of sustainability. Hear, hear! to a Green New Deal!

Me singing about climate change and the need for a Green New Deal

Published by clairebatesmusic

Conscious analysis and loving transparency illuminate tender, gutsy, bluesy folk when Claire plays and sings. Claire Bates gives from her heart songs for hard times.

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  1. Thanks, Claire, for sharing a deep call to music with your commitment to social progress. It’s an empowering combination that galvanizes!

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